There are SO many great products available now with the click of a button that it can be overwhelming even knowing where to start.  Below are our recommendations from items we've tried & currently use, as well as info on grooming.  We are continually trying new things and will be sure to update it if we find something we really like.  Be sure to let us know if you've found something really cool as well so we can check it out.  Enjoy shopping! 
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Food & Supplements
Finding a good dog food can be daunting because there are so many different options and varieties, many of which claim similar things.  We spent a lot of time researching food to find a reputable brand where the dog food was top quality, balanced with a realistic price point..........all while providing good customer service and maintaining high standards.  We are so excited to say that we found what we were looking for with Life's Abundance! 

Life's Abundance is a top-notch company that makes their dog food in small batches each week to ensure we are receiving food as fresh as possible.  The fresher the food, the more nutrient-dense it is.  No artificial colors, flavors, corn, wheat or corn/wheat glutens are used so we can be assured that our faithful friends are getting the best like they deserve.  Life's Abundance has a full line of dog and cat foods, as well as other goodies such as great treats, high quality fish oil, etc.  We personally feed most of our dogs & puppies the All Life Stages Dog food, with a few exceptions like our 13 yr old Lab who's on the Senior formula.  Another reason why I like Life's Abundance is that the products are shipped directly to my door, so I can order anytime and don't have to worry about picking anything up.  Choose the AutoShip program and select how often you want the food to arrive to get the wholesale price of 20% off!

To learn more about their great products or to place an order, please visit our web site
or by calling toll free at 877-387-4564.  You will need to give them our ID #20249819
During our quest for finding a great brand of dog food, we also were researching supplements.  As with the food, there are so many choices and each company claim similar promises.   I'm pretty skeptical of vitamins & supplants, even for humans, and It's hard to know what products are actually beneficial and what aren't.  We continually were recommended the NuVet supplements by other breeders & dog owners and decided to try them out for ourselves.  I am happy to report that we have decided to add them to our dogs diet and have been very pleased with the results!  We start feeding them to our puppies at 4 weeks of age and give them to our adults as well.  

NuVet is a very reputable company, using only the highest quality, human-grade ingredients.  Their supplements are a combination of important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants known to boost immune system function, promote healthy glads, organs and nervous system, as well as help give them a great coat.  All ingredients are sourced with the US and cold pressed to maximize the potency of the nutrients.  Choose the AutoShip method to save 10-15% on each order.  For one dog, 1 bottle lasts approx 3 months.

Bonus---my dogs absolutely LOVE them and so we use them as a daily treat.  We are also giving our 13 yr old Lab the NuJoint Plus and am SO super happy with it!  She has very stiff joints and trouble getting up after laying down but we have seen a difference in adding the NuVet Plus & NuJoint Plus to her diet.  So great to see a difference in her! (products also available for cats)

For more information or to place an order, 
visit our web site at 
or by calling toll-free at 800-474-7044 and using Order Code #19478
Product Recommendations
Grooming your Doodle is an important part of the care & maintenance of their coat.  Depending on the type & length of coat your specific Faithful Doodle has, weekly to bi-weekly brushing will be needed.  If not maintained properly, their coats will mat easily and quickly become a mess, even if you can't see it upon quick inspection.  

Proper brushes and combs are a necessarily investment, as well as regular trips to the groomers. (See our favorites in the Product Recommendation section for brushes we like)  Trust'll be worth the money you spent on the right stuff!  It is hard to find a good groomer who knows how to properly cute a Doodle coat, so please do your research and ask around.  There may be some trial & error before you find someone you like but ask around and check online at sites such as yelp, etc.  I've been guilty myself of not staying on top of brushing and have had some of THE worst experiences with groomers & bad hair cuts.  Don't learn the hard way!  

Below is a PDF you can print out and take with you to the groomers, or show them examples of the style you like, being very specific.  Additionally, here's a video for you to see as well, thanks to the Australian Labradoodle Association (ALAA).
Santa Clarita, CA
We are often asked about products we recommend and found the easiest way to share is via an Amazon page.  This list of suggested products is ever evolving as we try out new things, add and take away, are recommended products by others, etc.  Please take a look around and be sure to share with us any favorites you think we might enjoy too!  :)