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Puppy News!
Santa Clarita, CA   faithfuldoodles@hotmail.com
Late Summer-Fall 2017 Litters:

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Hello...thank you for stopping by!  We are excited you are here and excited for the possibility of some cute pups.  =)  

Our Spring/Summer litters are all reserved thru mid October 2017.  We only plan out litters a few months at a time to ensure we have enough time to devote to those cute four legged family members (and our own two legged family members!).  Currently, we are not accepting deposits yet for Winter litters.  Please join our mailing list below to be notified when we have more info on upcoming litters.  Thank you! (Please note that we won't have any mini Goldendoodles at all...sorry!)

Holly & Oliver have a wonderful litter of 8 standard Multi-Gen Labradooddoodles! Puppies are various shades of cream and just about as cute as can be. There are 5 boys and 3 girls, who we guesstimate will grow to be around 45-55 lbs as adults. We anticipate them to have non-shedding coats that will be wavy to curly. This is Holly's first litter for us and we are excited to add some new lines to our program. Both parents have great temperaments and you can learn more about them by clicking on their names. Take home date for these pups will be August 19th-20th.  Sorry, this litter is all reserved. 

Kiya & True have an amazingly cute litter of 5 mini/medium Australian Multi-Gen Labradoodles! We are so excited about these pups....they're SO CUTE! There are 3 girls/2 boys in chocolate, cream and black. Coats should be non-shedding fleece coats and the adult size estimated to be approx 20-30 lbs (both parents are 25 lbs). Take home date is September 2nd.  Sorry, this litter is all reserved. 

* Sadie & Ace have been bred for a litter of large medium/small standard F1B English Goldendoodles! This will be Sadie's final litter and we decided to repeat this pairing, as their previous litter together were really cute! If all goes as we hope, pups will arrive in August and will go home early October (we are guessing Oct 7-8th or 14-15th depending on when she delivers). Take home date will be finalized once the puppies arrive. Sadie's pups should be cream, apricot and/or red in color and will have low to non-shedding coats. Size is guesstimated to be around 35-50 lbs or so.  Sorry, this litter is all reserved.

Piper & Ace have been bred for a litter of standard F1 English Goldendoodles! We love our Piper girl and can't wait to see what she and Ace will produce together! Color possibilities could vary from cream to apricot and size is estimated to be around 45-65 lbs. If all goes as we pray they do, Piper will be due in August with take home the first part of October (possibly the 7-8th depending on when they are born). Take home date will be finalized after she delivers. Pictures of a previous litter between Piper's sister (Harper) and Ace can be seen HERE for an example.  Sorry, this litter is all reserved.
Some of Holly & Oliver's pups at 4 1/2 weeks old
Kiya & True pups at 2 weeks old
Example of a previous Sadie/Ace puppy